Debra Opri represented Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart – Divorce

Debra Opri successfully represented comedian Kevin Hart in his Divorce proceedings.

Debra Opri represented Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Debra Opri was retained by Katharine and Joe Jackson, the parents of Michael Jackson, representing their parental interests concerning Michael’s criminal case for alleged child molestation, in Santa Barbara County. Her clear representation of the facts, law, and Constitutional issues, successfully addressed and highlighted the media’s campaign to convict Michael Jackson before the case even went to a jury. Opri was one of the very few in the media to predict that Michael Jackson would be acquitted of all charges. 
Debra Opri represented James Brown

James Brown

Opri represented, and successfully defended the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, in a sexual assault/harassment case in Los Angeles. Her effective legal strategies included bringing to the attention of the jury the “differences” of her famous client’s actual persona …. what was the media image and what was the personal side of James Brown, a humble, older performer and southern gentleman who was trying to provide economic assistance to his race. Simultaneous with her client’s positive image conveyed throughout this case and in the courtroom, Ms. Opri also challenged the credibility of the woman who accused Brown of sexual improprieties, relying upon witnesses and material evidence, as well as the woman’s own testimony in successfully challenging the allegations of sexual misconduct. 
Debra Opri represented David Caruso

David Caruso

Debra Opri represented Liza Marquez in her legal matters against David Caruso [CSI Miami]: her palimony suit against the actor, as well as for child support in their paternity action.
Debra Opri represented Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith

Opri took on Anna Nicole Smith, and championed against the celebrity, in what became an international battle in a high profile paternity action seeking to establish, fight for and protect a father’s rights over his child. Opri successfully forced a DNA test in both California and the Bahamas in furtherance of a father’s rights, as well as to push for the custody rights of a father. Anna Nicole Smith died in February, 2007.
Debra Opri represented Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson

Debra Opri represented the singer/songwriter in his divorce proceedings, including support issues and child matters.  In this high profile filing, Opri successfully challenged the legal issues of the marriage.  Jermaine Jackson is the brother of the late legendary singer, Michael Jackson.
Debra Opri represented Pamela Hasselhoff

David and Pam Hasselhoff Custody Battle

Debra Opri represented Pamela Hasselhoff in her divorce matter with television star David Hasselhoff, including custody and support issues in what was a long term marriage.  


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