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Debra Opri is widely considered to be one of the most recognizable female litigation attorneys of the 21st Century, both in the courtroom and on television.

Katharine Jackson….Mother of All Mothers

By: Debra Opri - As Mother's Day approaches, I find myself thinking alot about Michael Jackson's mother, Katharine Jackson, and what this Mother's Day will be like for her. This Mother's Day, Katharine will be preparing for yet another court appearance involving her son Michael, in what will probably be the very last trial in which she will ever have to listen to the good and bad about her son, Michael, a legend who died too young and probably in a way that never should have happened. I find myself wondering about what this very special woman may be thinking about all of this, her life, and how it came to be that she should still be struggling for the peace of old age, instead of her struggles of still having to raise young children and still to be suffering as she is with the loss of her son, Michael, and when if ever, her grief will finally leave her. I am not saying that Katharine Jackson has not had happiness. Of course she has. [...]

Countdown to an Unnecessary Trial [Kim Kardashian Adv. Kris Humphries]

By: Debra Opri - Attorney and Legal Analyst Many years ago, I studied acting in college and appeared in a play called “Hello Out There…” It was basically a story of a young girl who felt emotionally trapped in the life she led in her small town; how she longed to get herself out of this ‘jailed’ life, and how she sought the assistance of a man who was locked up in the local jail behind actual bars, unable to free himself from the prison cell in which he sat. I thought of this long ago play as I watched Kim Kardashian walk out of the Los Angeles Superior Court today. She looked ‘jailed’….’locked up’ as she walked ‘encapsulated’ between the numerous deputy sheriffs surrounding her. Her face was ashen, sad, and her eyes were that of a caged animal not knowing which way to go to break free of this lack of freedom as she walked forward in between the sheriffs’ deputies and past the cameras that surrounded her like prison bars. Kim Kardashian’s [...]

And in the Matter of ‘Paternity’ Cases

By: Debra Opri - Attorney and Legal Analyst Paternity cases seem to be everywhere today. The latest paternity case filing in the media and its subsequent dismissal has many wondering – not whether Michael Jordan is the father of a 16-year-old boy – but what took this child’s mother so long to file a paternity action in the first place. Having handled high-profile paternity cases over the years, I think this is not favorable for either the mother or Michael Jordan. So a woman has a child 16 years ago, assumedly by Michael Jordan, But we never hear about it. Why? Because a paternity action was never filed. Why? Maybe the woman didn’t want the media attention. Maybe she didn’t need the money; maybe she was independently wealthy, married to someone else, or just plain out of touch with legal issues protecting her minor child’s financial support. Maybe, in fact, she and Michael Jordan reached an out-of-court settlement as to the issue of support. Maybe there was a paternity test taken, and no need by [...]