by Debra Opri – Attorney and Legal Analyst

And Casey Anthony has credibility problems.

No, she must not take the stand.

Now that the prosecution has presented its case, any juror who may have the slightest question of reasonable doubt as to the evidence presented as being ‘enough’ to prove her guilty of murder, would undoubtedly take that final ‘leap’ if Anthony were to take the stand.

The risk of Casey being proven a liar on the stand is a near certainty. While Casey Anthony may believe she is a ‘good’ liar, there have been too many witnesses to show otherwise.

For example, a statement by a girlfriend that who told Casey she was “good at lying,” would be enough for anyone to question her truthfulness as to any statement she made on the stand. The false tears won’t convince, but the ability to cry on cue will. As for the hard evidence, one only needs to remember that Ms. Anthony got herself a tattoo: ‘Bella Vita” [beautiful life] on THE day her daughter allegedly went missing. Allowing Casey on the stand would hammer home – and I believe with complete certainty – that this woman has no soul.

Can a juror convict a person for having no soul? Maybe not. But what follows with a person without a soul? A person without a conscience, a person without remorse, a person who may just find herself on death row in the very near future.